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The Lab

Dr. Maria Julia Bevilaqua Felippe

Dr. Julia Bevilaqua Felippe

I am a professor with specialty training in internal medicine and immunology. My academic appointment includes clinical care of large animal patients, and research in the area of equine immunology. I also manage a clinical immunology laboratory, which performs research-based immunological testing in samples from horses with suspect underlying immunologic disorders, submitted by referring veterinarians from academic and private hospitals in the country.

Scientia coverOur research interests have allowed progress in the first description and then characterization of a remarkable late-onset, fatal humoral immunodeficiency of the horse (common variable immunodeficiency). In addition, our lab studies the limiting aspects of the immune system of the foal, which predispose it to diseases caused by specific pathogens, exclusively in early life. Both areas of research have generated knowledge for direct clinical application to the equine species (see list of publications). I have also been dedicated to bringing equine clinical immunology to greater attention through didactic and clinical teaching, presentations of clinical immunology topics in national and international meetings, and contributions with book chapters. My goal is to expand the knowledge of clinical veterinary immunology by building a robust, self-sustained research program.