DEI Affairs Committee

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The DEI Affairs Committee is committed to fostering a climate that is inclusive and welcoming of all groups and individuals. We recognize that this is a multi-dimensional effort. We are focused on facilitating positive change so that higher education and practice globally promotes a community of understanding, respect, and compassion.


As agreed by college leadership and faculty the committee’s “Charge” is to:

  • Work together with the university diversity council and university diversity officers to promote Cornell's diversity initiatives and goals within the veterinary college
  • Annually review gender and ethnicity data related to recruitment, admissions and retention for faculty and staff in the college and students in professional D.V.M. and graduate programs. These efforts are coordinated with the Offices of Human Resources, Student and Academic Services and Research and Graduate Education
  • Provide advice and training for college faculty and staff members serving on search committees in order to highlight Cornell's diversity goals and ensure inclusive, fair and thorough searches 
  • Work with college and university administrators and committees to promote a climate of inclusion, develop workshops, and provide opportunities for interaction with special attention to the advancement of underrepresented minorities and women

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Community Building & Communication

  • Many Voices, One College: A monthly diversity and inclusion dialogue series providing an open forum for honest discussion in a smaller group forum (60-80 people) where the college community can cultivate understanding. Past topics have included:cultural appropriation, racial injustice, and calling in vs calling out.
  • Diversity Speaker Series: Semi-annual presentations and discussions led by distinguished thought leaders to present diverse ideas and perspectives on a variety of topics in a college-wide/large audience setting. Past speakers have included: Dr. Avery August, Dr. Vijay Pendakur and Dr. Peter Houser.
  • Town Halls: DEI is a frequent topic at regularly-scheduled town halls led by Dean Warnick


  • Community book reads: Leading the college-wide participation in the university-wide reading of and discussions about Ibram X. Kendi’s book “How to be an Antiracist” in the autumn 2020.  Another book read is planned for spring 2021
  • Facilitator training: Sponsor training to lead book reads and other diversity dialogues
  • Educational event planning: Developing a series of workshops and events in 2021 to engage people who may have very different levels of understand and comfort levels discussing issues related to race.


  • Recruitment: Re-examining the current search process and determining meaningful ways to recruit and retain diverse faculty


  • Chair: Dr. Melanie Ragin
  • Working Group Chairs: Alumni (Dr. Melanie Ragin, Dr. Jai Sweet and collaboration with AA&D); Faculty (Dr. Susie Fubini, Tessa Brown); Marketing & Communications (Len Johnson); Many Voices, One College (Audrey Baker); Staff (Dr. Melanie Ragin and collaboration with HR); Students (Dr. Jai Sweet, Dr. Antonia Jameson Jordan)
  • 38 members: 17 staff, 13 faculty, 8 students

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