Avian Health

The Avian Health Program provides testing, consultation and extension services for commercial and backyard poultry producers.

Duck Research Lab

The Duck Research Laboratory is located in Eastport, New York on Long Island. The Duck Research Lab works with the International Duck Research Cooperative (IDRC), offering services and duck biologics to duck keepers and guidance with appropriate duck health and management.

NYS Contract Testing Policies

The New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets provides funding to subsidize the costs for certain disease tests for New York's livestock and poultry industries. This subsidy is intended as an aid in the early detection and surveillance of disease conditions that may threaten livestock and/or public health.


The New York State Cattle Health Assurance Program (NYSCHAP) is an integrated disease prevention program that utilizes a team of advisors to develop a farm-specific herd health plan.

Quality Milk Production Services

The Quality Milk Production Services (QMPS) program serves the dairy industry of New York State by promoting the production of high quality milk through the control of mastitis, and the avoidance of antibiotic residues in milk through field and laboratory diagnostic evaluations and recommendations.