Serology & Immunology

The Serology & Immunology Laboratory of the Animal Health Diagnostic Center develops and uses fully validated serological assays to detect antibodies or antigens as indicators for infectious diseases in production animals, companion animals, and zoo species. Assays are validated according to criteria published in the OIE International Standards Manual for serological assays. Quality control, with accurate and reproducible results, is our primary goal. Test results are interpreted to inform veterinarians beyond the usual serological values that are reported.

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Services provided by the Serology/Immunology Section include:

  • ELISA and Western Blot assays on serum samples from cattle, horses, dogs and cats (including domestic cats and exotic felids from zoos)
  • New test development


Bettina WagnerBettina Wagner, DVM, Dr. vet. med. habil.
Director, Serology

Anja SipkaAnja Sipka, DVM, PhD
Assistant Professor of Practice, Serology


Research and development is part of the mission of the AHDC at Cornell. The Serology/Immunology Section is available to collaborate with you to develop new or improve existing test methods and reagents, investigate specific problems or provide customized testing to meet your needs.

For further information or to discuss your needs, please contact Dr. Bettina Wagner. We look forward to working with you.