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Anticoagulant Monitoring News and Notes

Friday, March 6, 2020

The Coagulation Laboratory now offers testing to monitor Apixaban (Eliquis) a new oral-acting anticoagulant drug. Key points for submission:

  • Test code = APBN
  • Sample required = at least 0.5 mL separated citrate plasma (plasma from a blue top tube)
  • Collect blood samples at 3 to 4 hours post pill for peak levels
  • Turn-around time = same day testing (Monday through Friday)
  • Assay method = anti-Xa activity

Please remember that "Anti-Xa" is not a specific test. All anticoagulant assay requests MUST include the name of the drug that is being monitored. Without this drug information, delays in testing, repeat testing, and additional charges may apply.

The Coagulation Lab currently offers monitoring for the following anticoagulants:

Anticoagulants Test Code
Low molecular weight heparins: enoxaparin, dalteparin LMWH
Unfractionated heparin HEP
Rivaroxaban RIVA
Apixaban APBN

For questions on anticoagulant monitoring or any coagulation tests, please contact the Coagulation lab at 607-253-3648;