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EIA Season Reminders

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The AHDC uses the ELISA test as the default test for EIA. This decision was based on user demand and faster test turnaround time.

The AHDC will only perform the EIA AGID test when:

  • A Global VetLink electronic submission form is used and AGID is requested; OR
  • An AGID test is specifically requested AND the Export box is checked on the submission form
  • If the AGID test is being requested in anticipation of potential travel of the horse, please check the EXPORT box.  

The Animal Health Diagnostic Center will not be held responsible for reviewing animal identification provided on EIA submission forms that does not adequately identify the horse. Poor animal identification provided on EIA forms may prevent those documents from being matched with horses and may result in refusal of entry at events, animals not being allowed to cross regulatory borders, or movement not being permitted by brand inspectors. It is the responsibility of the veterinarian completing the document to ensure that descriptions provided will uniquely identify the horse for the purpose of animal movement and the needs of the owner. The USDA has developed a guidance document for identifying horses which can be found here. Contact your state animal health officials or USDA District Office for additional assistance.

When filling out official Coggins (EIA) forms to submit samples to the laboratory, please take into consideration that these are multi part forms and require additional pressure to make sure all copies are legible. Please also review forms for completeness to avoid possibly delayed results. The AHDC is a Global VetLink laboratory for electronic submissions. More information can be obtained here. All official EIA forms (except for electronically submitted forms) are returned by US Mail.

For STAT testing please call the lab and make arrangements for this service (607-253-3900). Additional fees will apply. Requests to correct animal and/or owner demographics after release of results, requiring us to recall and amend previously distributed reports, will result in a $10 surcharge.