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Endocrinology Thyroid Testing Updates

Friday, June 4, 2021

As of June 1, the following combination test codes for the Endocrinology Laboratory are discontinued:

T4T3 T4 & T3 combination canine and feline
T4TSH T4 & TSH combination canine and feline
FT4TSH Free-T4 by dialysis & TSH combination canine and feline
THYPALL Thyroid Panel: Free-T4 by dialysis, T4, T3 canine and feline
T4T3FT4I Thyroid Panel: Free-T4 (Immulite), T4, T3 canine
FT4ITSH Free-T4 (Immulite) & TSH canine
F4TSHTG Free-T4 (Immulite), TSH & TGA canine
T4IFT4 T4 Immulite & Free-T4 by dialysis equine

The individual tests - T4, T4 (Immulite), T3, TSH, Free-T4 by dialysis, Free-T4 (Immulite) - can be ordered individually. All other thyroid panels and test combinations remain available.