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New Test - Fecal Parasite Count Reduction

Friday, June 4, 2021

Parasitology is launching a new "Fecal Parasite Count Reduction Test (FPCRT)" to assess dewormer efficacy for parasites from diverse hosts (horses, cattle, sheep, goats, cats, dogs, and others). This test is done 10-14 days after deworming, as a follow-up to a quantitative pre-treatment (day-0) fecal check - 'Fecal Flotation Test (FLOAT)'. Results will indicate parasite eggs/oocysts per gram of feces and percent reduction based on the initial FLOAT quantitative value.

The cost of this new reduction test is $5 per parasite. When requesting FPCRT please include targeted parasite(s) you would like evaluated, deworming product used, and the accession number of the initial (day-0) FLOAT test on FPCRT submission form.

If you plan FPCRT for any non-production animals or birds, please indicate the need for a quantitative result when submitting samples for day-0 FLOAT.