New Transport Media Option

Monday, July 1, 2019

The AHDC is pleased to introduce a new transport media option from our Shipping department. The Copan Liquid Amies Elution Swab (ESwab) is a multi-purpose collection and transportation system that maintains the viability of a variety of microorganisms in clinical specimens for up to 48 hours at room or refrigerated temperatures. The ESwab has demonstrated equivalent if not superior performance when compared to other transport medium systems, based on manufacturer and in-house evaluations, and is similar in cost to other culturette swabs while delivering a broader functionality.

The specialized flocked swab elutes the specimen into the liquid Amies transport media which leads to more consistent sample delivery across different culture plates and multiple tests. Specimens submitted in this medium can be used for aerobic, anaerobic, Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma and fungal cultures, as well as PCR testing. The liquid medium is also suitable for transport of biopsy or small tissue samples for culture submission while allowing them to be much more easily accessed than when submitted in a gel-based transport medium.

Instructions for handling and use of the ESwab are detailed and easy to follow. Purchase information will also be available soon on our available diagnostic supply request form.