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No Composite Samples for NYS Contract Subsidized Testing

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Please do not submit composite samples for diagnostics related to outbreaks of clinically ill NY animals for NYS Contract subsidized testing. The NYS Contract Subsidy program provides generous support for comprehensive diagnostic testing on up to 10 individuals, where clinically appropriate. Composite samples may be too dilute, or may identify multiple pathogens that would need to be attributed to individual animals.

In rare instances, we perform pooled testing on select specimens for select tests. Even in those instances, we require submission of individual specimens from individual animals, so that if pooled testing results in a positive detection, the infected individual(s) can be identified. If composite samples are submitted, they will not be covered by the NYS Contract Subsidy program and the submitting veterinarian will be responsible for all fees generated by the testing. Visit