Phone Messages for the AHDC

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Consultations with clients on test strategies, sample selection, and test interpretations are essential activities of AHDC professional staff to serve you best for the benefit of your patients. Frequently your initial inquiry reaches us via phone message. To deliver best possible service and avoid delays in our response, we offer the following suggestions for you when you leave a message:

  • Start your message by providing your name - eventually spelled out - and phone number, best repeated slowly. If your practice has a phone message system, please indicate which option we should choose when we call you back.
  • In just a few words, give us the necessary information on how to best direct your inquiry within the AHDC. If you call regarding a current case, tell us the accession number.

Often we receive phone calls that begin with "I spoke to someone about..." The call usually deals with an outcome that was not anticipated following the information received from "someone". The AHDC has multiple entry points from which information is disseminated so identifying "someone" is not possible. We need to understand cases of miscommunication so we can work on correcting problems. When accessing the AHDC by way of a phone call, be certain to record the name of the individual who is providing you with the requested information. With that information, we can address any discrepancies between expectations and performance of the AHDC in a subsequent phone call.