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Shipping Violation Alert

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

If you are re-using boxes from your clinic to ship specimens to us using our label program, UPS is requiring that the AHDC notify all clients of the potential shipping violations below. As sorting mechanisms become more automated, the stray exterior marks on boxes can cause them to be routed inappropriately, causing violations for UPS with the FAA. 

UPS fines us for every violation that occurs with boxes using our labels and we unfortunately must pass that cost on to you. Additionally, they will return the box to you if the symbols below are visible on your reused box, costing you money in terms of replacement labels and/or specimens plus a penalty fee of $50 and testing delays. If we continue to receive violations from UPS, they may drop us from their label program. Please help us remain compliant and continue this valuable service to you.

Please check all six (6) sides of your box before shipping.

The symbols below are violations and CANNOT be on a box using an AHDC shipping label. Please remove, cover, or select a different box for your shipping needs. 

       Air Limited Quantity                       Ground Limited Quantity