Surgical Biopsy Changes

Monday, June 11, 2018

Starting June 1st, the Anatomic Pathology Surgical Service is offering two options for biopsy reports:

Standard and Diagnosis-Only

The Diagnosis-Only report is offered at the current biopsy price of $66.50, while the price for the Standard report is $80. Practitioners are encouraged to consider the Diagnosis-Only option for routine cutaneous and subcutaneous masses, as well as oral, nasal, and needle biopsies.

The Standard report is equivalent to the current biopsy report and includes a histologic diagnosis, comments and a complete histologic description of submitted samples including assessment of surgical margins (when applicable).

The Diagnosis-Only report is shorter and includes a histologic diagnosis and a brief comment including assessment of surgical margins (when applicable), but does not include a histologic description of the submitted sample. 

The Diagnosis-Only option is not available for complex cases such as whole organs, amputations, surgical margin revisions, samples that require decalcification, and specialty consultations (liver or dermatopathology).

Note: The Dermatopathology consult fee increased to $30.00.