Update - EIA Testing

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

USDA/APHIS Veterinary Services has released a new guidance document, VS Guidance 15201.1-Approval of Laboratories to Conduct Tests for Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA), for laboratories conducting EIA Testing.  The new guidance:

  • Defines official EIA test forms and requires their use
  • Provides a 6-month grace period for existing State and other forms not approved
  • Requires non-negative (e.g., positive, discrepant, suspect) samples be submitted to and confirmed by NVSL
  • Requires laboratories accept samples only from federally authorized Category II Accredited veterinarians
  • Emphasizes laboratory reporting requirements and requires submission of monthly summary data
  • Enhances laboratory inspection requirements and revises the laboratory inspection checklist
  • Clarifies new laboratory applicant approval requirements

Laboratory Management and Administration have reviewed the new guidance document and have added updates to the AHDC website. Please be advised of the following policy changes effective immediately:

  • All samples greater than 30 days old regardless of whether or not they have been frozen will be rejected as they do not reflect current exposure status.  
  • After distribution of final results, information on the original VS Form 10-11 (or approved state form) cannot be changed and/or amended. If changes need to be made, a new sample and form must be submitted.
  • All information/data points on VS Form 10-11 (or approved state form) are required and must be filled in and submitted with the test sample.

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