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Practical Tips for Implementing a BLV Control Program

Oxytocin Use on the Farm

  • If used routinely for milk let down,
    • Have a bottle designated for each cow

    • Have well marked bottles for positive and negative cows. Handle negative bottles with single use needles only

Single Use Needles

  • Use multi-pocket carpenter’s apron to stock needles
    • At herd health visit stock apron with prostaglandin, GnRH, ECP, booster vaccines, etc., as well as needles
    • Attach gallon plastic jug on belt to dispose of needles
  • Use leather apron and dispose of needles in apron
  • For some injections, it may be easier to draw all doses prior to giving shot
    • Excellent idea when injecting substances where there is a human risk (i.e. brucellosis, TB)
  • Empty shampoo bottle tucked in a rubber boot can be used to dispose of needles

Disinfecting Equipment

  • A minimum disinfectant is detergent or a weak solution of bleach, however, this will not be effective for other pathogens

  • Have two sets of equipment, keep one in disinfectant at all times

  • Place disinfectant outside of pen when working with loose housed animals

  • Equipment to be disinfected includes:

    • Dehorners, tattoo pliers, ear taggers, hoof knives, nose tongs, rectal ultrasound equipment, tail dock- ing instruments, medicine vials, ear notchers, teat removal equipment, pill gun

    • Have two sets of IV tubing, clean with detergent, rinse with water and let dry; have one ready to use

  • Ensure all personnel working on farm (employees and agriservice) are aware of disinfection protocols

Single Use OB Sleeves

  • Decide prior to rectal exams where to dispose of sleeves in facilities where animals are loose housed
    • Empty, clean pour-on insecticide containers often have straps for easy carrying
    • Cut hole in side to store new or used sleeves
  • Changing sleeves easily with sweaty arms
    • Cut fingers off one sleeve and put on bare arm
    • Place shoulder protector over fingerless sleeve
    • Wear single use sleeve over both