NYS Contract Testing Policies

The New York State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory and Animal Health Diagnostic Center (AHDC) under contract with the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets provides reduced cost diagnostic testing to New York State livestock and poultry industries to aid in early detection and surveillance of diseases that may threaten the State’s livestock, poultry and public health. Contract case pricing is available for submissions that meet requirements listed below.

Referring veterinarians are encouraged to take advantage of NYS contract pricing to advance their diagnostic reach and solve emerging infectious disease or toxic exposure problems on client farms. The AHDC encourages its clients to use the NYS Contract Case testing program judiciously to ensure its sustainability and obtain the greatest service and surveillance coverage across the Empire State.

For additional details, please call the Animal Health Diagnostic Center at 607-253-3900.

Eligibility Requirements for NYS Contract Case Pricing

Submissions must meet all the following criteria

  • The herd, flock, or animal is located in New York State and is being raised for food or fiber production. Horses suspected of having a condition that may threaten the health of other animals or humans are covered.

  • The history of the case suggests a contagious/infectious disease or toxic exposure that threatens other animals or humans.

  • The animals are experiencing a condition previously undiagnosed in their herd or flock. Surveillance testing to monitor, control, or eradicate previously diagnosed endemic conditions does not qualify for contract case pricing.

  • Samples must be submitted by a licensed veterinarian or veterinarian employed by a New York State university.

  • The fully completed AHDC Contract Submission Form must accompany the sample submission. The form must include:

    • Complete history of the animals or samples submitted including the herd size and date of onset in the herd/flock, the morbidity and mortality rate for the herd/flock, as well as a summary of clinical signs, course of disease, and response to treatment (additional information can be attached to the form).

    • Complete owner identification and contact information, including phone numbers.

    • Available Federal premises ID number(s).

Additional Considerations

  • Samples from up to three (3) individual representative animals from an affected premises can be submitted as a single case problem except for necropsies which are limited to one (1) animal per case. Submissions for abortion cases are limited to one (1) aborted fetus or one (1) litter, with placenta(s). Samples exceeding these limits will be charged at full price.

  • When special situations or conditions arise, a New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets veterinarian or designee will make the final determination with respect to eligibility for contract case pricing.

  • If requested tests do not correspond to the clinical signs described on the submission form, they will not be considered for contract case pricing.

Contract Case Fees  

Contract case fees are limited to $150.00 (as of 7/1/19) per submission, except for necropsies.

Contract case fees for necropsies are $150 for sheep, goats and pigs, or other small food and fiber animals, and $250 for cattle, horses, camelids and captive deer for agriculture. Necropsy fees for poultry are capped at $85. These fees include all ancillary tests that qualify under contract case pricing.

Cases submitted for contract pricing will not qualify in the following situations

  • Repeat submissions for the same condition on a given premises, once a diagnosis has been established
  • Research submissions
  • Legal and insurance submissions

Stat processing can be requested for contract cases but Stat fees will be charged in full in addition to the contract case cost.

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