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Protein C Activity Assay

Protein C is a plasma anticoagulant factor required for maintenance of hemostatic balance. Protein C is synthesized in the liver and measurement of protein C activity aids in the diagnosis of thrombotic disorders and liver disease.

Protein C as a Biomarker of Liver Function

Recent studies indicate that protein C deficiency is a marker of liver disease in dogs. Protein C deficiency develops in dogs with hepatic synthetic failure and in portosystemic shunting disorders.

The protein C activity assay is especially useful as a non-invasive measure of portal blood flow. Dogs with congenital portosystemic vascular anomalies (PSVA) typically have low protein C activity, with values < 70% of normal. Although clinical signs and chemistry profiles of dogs with PSVA and microvascular dysplasia are similar, the finding of low protein C activity supports a diagnosis of PSVA. Furthermore, protein C activities can be monitored after shunt ligation to assess restoration of portal blood flow.

Sample Requirements

Submit 0.5 to 1.0 mL of citrate plasma, shipped overnight on a cold pack

Test Turnaround and Costs

Same-day reporting: the test is run daily (M-F) with results faxed out as soon as the assay is complete

Protein C Activity assay fee

Test Principle

Test plasma is treated with a venom-derived activator, and the amount of functional protein C produced is measured in a chromogenic assay system. Results are reported as % protein C activity compared to a same-species standard. Protein C activity assays are routinely offered for dogs, cats, and horses. Please call for information on other species.


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