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Keeshonden PHPT Genetic Test

Please print legibly and use black ink, if possible.

Fill out and submit:

  1. Cornell Animal Health Diagnostic Center (AHDC): Genetic Test for PHPT Submission form
  2. Also include a 5 generation pedigree, if available. You may use the pedigree search to obtain a copy of your dog's pedigree.
  3. Place all paperwork in a sealed plastic bag, separate from the blood sample.

Sample Collection:

  1. Collect 1-2 mls of whole blood in an EDTA (purple top) tube.
  2. Do not spin. Store refrigerated prior to shipping.

For shipping from within the U.S.:

  1. Ship with frozen freezer packs in an insulated Styrofoam container or Styrofoam tube mailer (tube mailer available for a small fee from the AHDC, if needed; call 607-253-3900 with shipping questions).
  2. Ship for next day delivery. Samples should be scheduled to arrive Monday through Friday. The AHDC offers special courier service pricing for AHDC account holders.

See more shipping information.

For shipping from outside the U.S.:


$141.00 per sample ($135.00 for sample + $6.00 for accessioning fee)

If you have any questions concerning sample collection, submission requirements or shipping, please contact us.

Test results will be available within 14 business days and will only be reported to the authorized submitter except as below. The test results stating the genetic status of PHPT in your Keeshond will read either: positive for the gene associated with PHPT or negative for the gene associated with PHPT in Keeshonden.

PHPT genetic test results may be reported to a third party such as the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), if the owner so chooses and appropriate documents and payments for fees are included ( Please be assured that test results will not be forwarded to OFA or any other third party without written permission from the authorized submitter.

If you have further questions concerning PHPT, the PHPT genetic test or results, contact us at 607-253-3900.