Baker Institute for Animal Health


Honors and Awards

Recent Trainee Awards

2022 Daversa Family Scholarship Winner - James Miller, Ph.D. Candidate in Biomedical Sciences in the Van de Walle Lab

2022 Bicknese Family Prize Winner  - Yining Sun, Second-year Master of Public Health student in the Goodman Lab with a concentration in Infectious Disease Epidemiology

Arthur F. North, Jr. Canine Service Award

The North Award was established in 1982 by friends of the late Arthur F. North in recognition of his services as a veterinarian and as an effective advocate of research directed toward improving canine health. A 1935 graduate of Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. North established the Somerset Veterinary Group in Somerville, New Jersey in 1947. He was widely respected for his dedication, integrity, and keen interest in the progress of veterinary medicine, which he demonstrated as a medical and surgical innovator and as a strong proponent of veterinary research. The North Award recognizes those whose contributions to the improvement of canine health and well-being reflect this same spirit of concern for all dogs.

1982         Adelaide Riggs

1983         American Kennel Club

1984         Priscilla Maxwell Endicott

1985         The Marilyn Simpson Charitable Trust

1986         Frances Van Brunt

1987         The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation

1988         Atherton Bristol

1989         Jacqueline Lindsay

1990         Dorothy Donnelley

1991         Robert Winthrop

1992         Eleanor Gillis

1993         Albert C. Bostwick, Jr.

1994         Dolly Trauner

1995         Barbara Hartsig

1996         Dr. Robert Kirk

1997         Max Appel, DVM, Ph.D.

1998         Sylvia Van Sloun

1999         The Pender Pet Caring Foundation: Donald Powell, DVM and Mark Johnson, DVM

2000         The Eugene V. and Clare E. Thaw Charitable Trust

2001         The Gilbert W. & Louise Ireland Humphrey Foundation

2002         Co-recipients: Mary Sloane and Judy Wilpon

2003         Douglas D. McGregor, M.D., Ph.D.

2006         Ellen Frenkel

2009         Philip B. Carter, Ph.D.

2013         Richard Henry, DVM

2014         Leland (Skip) E. Carmichael, DVM, Ph.D. '59

The Founders' Award

This recognition was created in 1990, the year of the Baker Institute's 40th anniversary, as a tribute to the many veterinarians, dog owners, and kennel clubs who contributed to the establishment of the Cornell Research Laboratory for Diseases of Dogs. The award is given to a veterinarian whose contributions to the Institute and to the profession exemplify our founders' commitment to the advancement of veterinary medicine.

1990         Charles Fletcher, DVM

1991         DuBois Jenkins, DVM

1992         Niel Pieper, DVM

1993         Harold Kopp, DVM

1994         G. Clayton Dudley, DVM

1995         John A. Ward, DVM

1996         Robert E. Clark, DVM

1997         Leland (Skip) E. Carmichael, DVM, Ph.D. '59

1998         Gary Johnson, DVM

1999         Keith Richter, DVM

2000         Harold M. Zweighaft, DVM

2001         Richard Henry, DVM

2002         Henry (Hank) J. Travis, DVM

2003         Gustavo D. Aguirre, V.M.D., Ph.D.

2006         Joanne Bicknese, DVM

2014         Joseph Kinnarney, DVM

The John A. Lafore, Jr. Kennel Club Award

The Lafore Award is given on a special basis in recognition of a kennel club or breed organization for its outstanding contributions to the advancement of canine animal health through their support of discovery research and education.

1993         Devon Dog Show Association

1994         Ox Ridge Kennel Club

1995         Irish Setter Club of America

1996         Collie Club of America Foundation

2001         The Finger Lakes Kennel Club

2003         American Border Collie Association