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Cornell Feline Health Center

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Cornell Feline Health Center Stands Against Racism

Dear Cornell Feline Health Center community,

The Cornell Feline Health Center stands firmly with the statements made by Dean Warnick on behalf of the College of Veterinary Medicine and those of President Pollack on behalf of the University, as they relate to the need to actively and sincerely discuss, learn about, and act on issues of social justice and racial inequity in our society.

We are committed to working in close collaboration with the College, the University, and all of our stakeholders to ensure that the Cornell Feline Health Center community promotes and upholds these same core values of inclusivity, tolerance, and mutual support of our fellow colleagues, students and friends. It is vital that all of us feel safe, respected, and heard, and that we all take part in the difficult but necessary process of enacting the changes that will create a more just and equitable community for everyone.


Bruce Kornreich DVM, PhD, DACVIM

Director, Cornell Feline Health Center