Immunology Journal Club

Fall 2021

September 8

Oluwafemi Adu

The Immunomodulatory CEA Cell Adhesion Molecule 6 (CEACAM6/CD66c) Is a Protein Receptor for the Influenza A Virus

September 15

Janelle Veazey

Microbial Exposure Enhances Immunity to Pathogens Recognized by TLR2 but Increases Susceptibility to Cytokine Storm through TLR4Sensitization

September 22

Laura Frazier, Bailey Lubinski

Gut microbiome alterations in high-fat-diet-fed mice are associated with antibiotic tolerance

September 29

Vivi Maymi, Viraj Upadhye

Adaptive immune determinants of viral clearance and protection in mouse models of SARS-CoV-2 (

October 6

Special virtual talk by Dr. Craig Cameron.

“Antiviral Therapy: Towards the personal and the precise”

To join the webinar at 4:00 pm please use the link below:

Passcode: 071554

October 13

Erica Secor

Intra-articular depletion of macrophages increases acute synovitis and alters macrophage polarity in the injured mouse knee

October 20

Dr. Brian Rudd

Augmented TCR-mediated signaling in infant T cells enables robust responses to respiratory virus infection

October 27

Alex McGurk

CXCR6 positions cytotoxic T cells to receive critical survival signals in the tumor microenvironment

November 3

Rachel Cheang, Anne Buglione


November 10

Annika Diaz, Russell Barkley


November 17

Noor Bala, Tiago Zilch


December 1

Jessica Lee Cunningham, Jamie Cockey