Immunology Journal Club


February 10

Luis Schang, Deb Fowell

"Viral nucleoprotein antibodies active TRIM21 and induce T cell immunity"

February 17

Camille Holmes, Erik Bidstrup

"Gene editing and elimination of latent herpes simplex virus in vivo"

February 24

Noor Bala, Alex McGurk

“Innate cell microenvironments in lymph nodes shape the generation of T cell responses during type I inflammation

March 3

Wenting Gao, Tiago Zilch

Novel TLR 7/8 agonists for improving NK cell mediate antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC)

March 17

Gabriela Mansano

Preexisting immunity shapes distinct antibody landscapes after influenza virus infection and vaccination in humans

March 24

Paula Banuelos, Isabel Forlastro

Bacterial metabolism of bile acids promotes generation of peripheral regulatory T cells

March 31

James Cockey, Viviana Maymi

Dual CD4-based CAR T cells with distinct costimulatory domains mitigate HIV pathogenesis in vivo

April 7

Upasana Basu, Oluwafemi Adu

A Bartonella Effector Acts as Signaling Hub for Intrinsic STAT3 Activation to Trigger Antiinflammatory Responses

April 14

Darby Warf

Dermal Adipocyte Lipolysis and Myofibroblast Conversion Are Required for Efficient Skin Repair

April 21

Bailey Lubinski, Laura Frazier

Loss of furin cleavage site attenuates SARS-CoV-2 pathogenesis | Nature

April 28

Viraj Upadhye, Sarah Saddoris

Ebola virus glycoprotein interacts with cholesterol to enhance membrane fusion and cell entry

May 5

Avalon Monti

Impact of flavivirus vaccine-induced immunity on primary Zika virus antibody response in humans

May 12

Russell Barkely

Gingival solitary chemosensory cells are immune sentinels for periodontitis