Postdoc Research Seminars

Spring 2022

January  5th

Druga Neupane, PhD (Song)
"Role of balanced diets in the efficient transfer of maternal antibodies to newborns"

Malgorzata Rychlowska, PhD (Schang)
"Roles of PNKP and CDK1 in Zika virus replication and pathogenesis"

February 2nd

Gi Young Lee, PhD (Song)
"Salmonella Typhi’s secret to living well: bioinformatics-guided mapping of clinical missense mutations"

Greana Kirubaker, PhD (Russell)
"Investigating Mycobacterium tuberculosis genes involved during macrophage infections using CRISPR interference system"

March 2nd

Timothy Pierpont, PhD (August)
"Using Dirty Mice as a Unique Cancer Model?"

Erick Maosa, PhD (Song)
"Host-pathogen regulatory and metabolic pathways driving Salmonella Typhi persistence"

April 6th

Zachary Hilt, PhD (Rudd)

Hari Dulal, PhD (Song)

May 4th

HwaYoung Kim, PhD (Song)

Shaun Cross, PhD (Parker)

June 1st

Manyun Yang, PhD (Song)

Nelson Simwela, PhD (Russell)

Fall  2021

September 1st

Janelle Veazey, PhD (Rudd)
“Undernutrition impairs intracellular immune responses”

Gabrielle Le-Bury, PhD (Russell)
“Transcriptomic profiling of HIV-1 infected human
alveolar macrophages by scRNA-Seq”

October 6th

Javier Jaimes, PhD (Whittaker)
“Furin-mediated activation of the SARS-CoV-2 emerging variants is altered by mutations at the spike protein S1/S2 boundary”

November 3rd

Tri Nguyen, PhD (Song)
"The structural basis of Salmonella A2B5 toxin neutralization by antibodies"

Neva Watson, PhD (Rudd)

"Lin28b promotes innate functions in CD8+ T cells through rapid chromatin remodeling"

December 1st

Sohyoung Lee, PhD (Song)
"Salmonella Typhoid Toxin PltB Subunit and Its Nontyphoidal Salmonella Ortholog Confer Differential Host Adaptation and Virulence"

Abrrey Monreal, PhD (Aguilar-Carreno)
"A novel highly potent inhibitor of TMPRSS2-like proteases acts as a pan-SARS-CoV-2 prophylactic and therapeutic"