Postdoc Research Seminars


January 6

Consuelo Correa Sierra, PhD (Schang)
“Developing a workflow to test broad spectrum antivirals against SARS CoV-2”

Brian Wasik, PhD (Parrish)
"Ligand-mediated parvovirus infection or neutralization"

February 3

Neva Watson, PhD (Rudd)
"Lin28b promotes innate functions in CD8+ T cells through rapid chromatin remodeling"

Gabrielle Le-Bury, PhD (Russell)
"Transcriptional profiling of HIV-1 infected human alveolar macrophages by single-cell RNA sequencing"

March 7

Timothy Pierpont, PhD (August)

Charlotte Marx, PhD (Van de Walle)

April 5

Hari Dulal, PhD (Song)

Rodrigo Ivo Marques dos Santos, PhD (Schang)

May 5

Jinwook Jang, PhD (Song)

Zachary Hilt, PhD (Rudd)

June 2

Sohyoung Lee, PhD (Song)

Janelle Veazy, PhD (Rudd)