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Combined DVM-PhD Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP)

The Cornell University Combined DVM-PhD Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) aims to develop a diverse pool of well-trained veterinary clinician-scientists with the disciplinary knowledge and skills that will uniquely prepare them for leadership roles in biomedical research to advance human health at the individual and population levels. By virtue of their broad knowledge of comparative disease and strong intellectual and lateral thinking abilities, veterinary clinician-scientists are uniquely suited to play key roles in advancing NIH goals in biomedical science and public health. Our MSTP is designed to provide provide comprehensive programming and opportunities for Combined DVM-PhD Degree trainees, foster a spirit of diversity and inclusion, and nurture the research and professional skills necessary for our future leaders to tackle some of the most important biomedical problems we face in the 21st century.

Application Process

Application to the Combined DVM-PhD Program can be accessed through the DVM Admissions website. When setting up your Cornell Tracking Page, you need to indicate that you are applying to the Combined DVM-PhD Program. This will provide you access to a section requesting information related to your research experience.

Financial Benefits

During the PhD program, the research mentor provides stipend support and pays the graduate tuition. The College of Veterinary Medicine or the MSTP T32 grant will provide you with a stipend during your DVM years, currently $27,144 annually. DVM tuition will be covered provided you complete both the Ph.D. and DVM degree programs. Health insurance, through Cornell’s Student Health Plan, will be provided throughout the eight years of training.

MSTP Directors
Renata Ivanek, Gerlinde Van de Walle & Jonathan Cheetham

Inquiries: Arla Hourigan