BBS PhD Program

Current Students

The Office of Graduate Education's mission is to provide you with information, tools, and encouragement that will enable you to reduce the stress of graduate student life. Whether you need information or guidance about administrative aspects of your graduate program or graduate student life in general, our door is always open.

Our graduate students form the backbone of the research being conducted at the College.  Upon graduation, you will join the ranks of scientific researchers and teachers in academia, industry, or government, depending on your chosen career path. We want to make your experience at Cornell one that is fulfilling while you are here! 

The health and mental well-being of our students is a top priority of the BBS program. We recognize that stresses unique to the responsibilities of performing PhD-level research contribute to creating mental health challenges that are new or overwhelming. In the BBS community, we seek to dismantle the stigma associated with these commonly-encountered experiences. Our goal is to provide resources to encourage students to reach out and access a variety of available mental health support systems, without fear that it will be negatively viewed or impede their progress. The PhD journey is a marathon, and we believe that actively caring for students’ mental well-being is vital to ensure that they flourish as scientists. Visit the Mental Health & Wellbeing website for more information. 

Visit the following resources for more program information
BBS Ph.D. Student Handbook [.pdf]
BBS A exam guidelines [.pdf]

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