James Mullmann

James Mullmann profile pictureJames Mullmann
Molecular & Cellular Medicine Concentration
Faculty Mentors:  Richard Cerione and Robert Weiss

Brief Biography
James grew up in Montgomery County in a suburb of Philadelphia.  After falling in love with math and science early in life, it wasn't until the end of high school when he became interested in veterinary medicine.  When he was in undergrad, he was offered a position in a synthetic organic chemistry lab, unsure of where it would take him.  His interests in chemistry evolved into a fascination with pharmacology, eventually leading to interests in cancer biology, specifically investigating novel targets for chemotherapy, from a translational and comparative approach.  Following graduation, he hopes to pursue a post-doctoral position and a residency in medical oncology or clinical pharmacology.  In his free time, James plays ultimate frisbee for Cornell University, enjoys cooking and baking, walking, and hanging with his cat, Rani.

B.A. (summa cum laude) in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Physics, Franklin & Marshall College, 2017

Research Interests
James is interested in comparative oncology from a translational biomedical approach with hopes to pursue new targets for treating cancer, through in vitro and animal models.  He would like to be involved in clinical trials that have broad applications in both veterinary and human medicine.