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Cornell University
College of Veterinary Medicine

General Admissions

What You Need to Apply

Material for VMCAS

  • Fill a VMCAS application.
    • Complete both the VMCAS application, plus the embedded Cornell supplemental section.
    • The VMCAS application becomes available late January with supplemental sections embedded in the VMCAS available mid-May.
  • Request that official transcripts from all the colleges or universities you attended are sent directly to VMCAS:
    • This includes college credits you received in high school, a summer course at another institution (even if you received transfer credit) and your home institution.

    • VMCAS does NOT accept transcripts that are sent by the student or a third party.

    • Transcripts have to be sent by the colleges or universities where you took courses, even if some of your courses transferred and appear on another institution's transcript.

  • Upload your 3-4 electronic letters of recommendation (eLOR) to VMCAS.
    • Our guidelines for eLORs are explained in the Requirements page.

Material for Cornell D.V.M. Admissions

  • Have your Advanced Placement (AP) test scores sent directly from the College Board to the Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.
    • Only send for Chemistry and/or Physics and use College Code 4818.

Additional Material

Application Tips

  • Write down your VMCAS ID number for future reference when you begin your VMCAS.
  • Start a Cornell Tracking Page when it becomes available for your application cycle. This tracking page is how we communicate with you and where your decision letter will be posted.
    • Pay attention to the class year you are applying to when you start the tracking page. There are typically 2 class years on the web page.
  • Make sure your eLors include at least one veterinarian and one advisor or faculty member. The third can be anyone of your choosing. We will review up to four letters.
  • If in doubt regarding some material, visit our Requirements page. If you cannot find the answer, contact us.
  • Remember: if your application is accepted or you are placed on a wait list, you will need to provide a Dean's Certification form (see Requirements). This form is not due by the September deadline.
  • We do not require Fall transcripts.