Comparative Pathology of Aquatic Animals

AQUAVET® II is a natural extension of the basic course. While similar in organization, the focus of AQUAVET® II is narrower, allowing a more detailed look at specific areas of aquatic animal medicine for students and veterinarians interested in continuing in the field. In the past, a four-week course covering health management in confined populations of invertebrates and fish has been offered. More recently, AQUAVET® II has been presented as a two-week course on the pathology and histopathology of selected aquatic invertebrate and vertebrate species of importance as biomedical research models. AQUAVET® II courses are expected to continue evolving in response to the need for focused educational opportunities in aquatic animal medicine. The subject matter to be covered in these courses will be announced each year, and may include such topics as mariculture, histopathology of marine and fresh water fish, tumor biology of aquatic animals, and husbandry and diseases of ornamental fish. Completion of the AQUAVET® I course, or adequate equivalent preparatory work is a prerequisite for admission to any AQUAVET® II course. In addition, it is generally assumed that applicants will have completed the basic science courses in the veterinary curriculum or have graduated prior to attending.

A typical schedule for AQUAVET® II may be seen by viewing: /sites/default/files/AQV2%202024%20Schedule.pdf