Course Modules

Renowned experts on the following subjects will conduct lectures, discussions, and practical exercises

Farm Finances and Financial Decision-making
Cattle Welfare and Behavior
Data Management, Performance Monitoring
Farm Facilities
Foot Care
Infectious Diseases
Management and Care of young stock
Practice Management
Spanish Language Instruction
Transition Cow Management
Udder Health and Quality Milk

Group visits will be made to large area dairy farms. In addition, there will be on-farm activities in very small groups, with participation in such activities as milking management in large dairies; calving pen management; feeding management; foot care; and reproduction exams. There will be opportunity to study new or expanding facilities and visit a dedicated heifer facility.

So that all aspects of the dairy industry may be understood, the course will also offer visits with professionals and companies that support the dairy industry such as milk processing plant; packing plant; professional nutritionists; and hoof trimmers.