Veterinary Investigator Program (VIP)

Program Details

The Veterinary Investigator Program is a 10-week summer program designed to provide incoming Cornell students and first and second-year veterinary students with a rigorous and rewarding exposure to biomedical research at the highest level of inquiry and to motivate students to pursue the study of research problems that are relevant to veterinary medicine. Cornell DVM students are encouraged to apply, however, a limited number of spaces are also reserved for external veterinary students.

In addition to a hands‐on research experience in their mentor's laboratory, it is expected that students will participate in all associated lab activities and VIP specific sessions and events. Students lacking a background in research, but displaying enthusiasm and curiosity, are especially encouraged to apply.

Stipend support of $5,170 will be awarded to successful candidates. Partial support is provided by Boehringer Ingelheim. The 2022 program will be from May 31 through August 5. Participation in the program requires a full-time commitment. If we are unable to offer the in-person program to overseas students, we will again be able to offer the online events via zoom as we did for the 2021 program. Some of those events will include, weekly journal club meetings, virtual meetings with mentors, zoom presentations from various facilitators and research presentations

Faculty Mentor Selection

A list of previous VIP mentors can be viewed on the VIP Mentors webpage. All faculty members at the Cornell’s CVM are eligible to accept a student in the program and asked to submit a project proposal, thus students are not restricted to any participating faculty list. The Program Director, Dr. Robert Weiss, will assist with identifying the appropriate faculty/student match. 

Program Components

  • An intensive research experience including state-of-the-art experimental methodology.
  • Special critical reasoning sessions designed to allow students to solve a research problem.
  • Weekly lunch seminar series that is designed to cover current and emerging research techniques. 
  • Professional ethics and introduction to grant writing sessions.
  • Laboratory exploration with other students in the program.
  • Social events to foster interaction and sense of community.
  • Career path panel discussion.
  • Formal oral presentations to CVM community at closure of program.
  • Attendance and presentation at the 2022 Boehringer Ingelheim-NIH Veterinary Scholar Program Symposium
    • The 2022 Veterinary Scholar Symposium will be hosted by University in Minnesota in August 2022.  They hope to hold the Symposium as a face-to-face event for 2022, and are monitoring the possibility (and are planning for) that it may be virtual or a hybrid.

  • A more detailed description of the program components can be downloaded

Application Information

The 2022 VIP APPLICATION is now available

Application Forms

A complete Program Application Consists of:

  • The Completed Application (submitted by applicant)
  • A copy of your resume or curriculum vitae
  • Academic Transcripts from all academic institutions attended
  • The Mentor/ Employer Contact Information Form (submitted by applicant)
  • Letters of Recommendation and Mentor Evaluations from at least two (2) recommenders able to evaluate your aptitude and motivation for undertaking research (submitted by mentor/employer)

For US citizens and permanent resident applicants, deadline for completed applications is January 7, 2022.
For international student applicants, deadline for completed applications is December 20, 2021.

It is important that references be carefully selected. The individual writing a letter in support of your application (referee) should be able to comment on your qualifications for a career in your chosen field of study. ​At least two references, but no more than four can be included in your application.  If referees will be submitting their letters electronically, please ensure that they are submitted prior to the application deadline. You will need to complete a letter of reference cover sheet (above), forward to your evaluator, asking them to send reference directly to

Application Review Process

The VIP Advisory Committee reviews the student applications with respect to academic performance, references, level of commitment, interest, and drive.  Applicants with no prior research experience are encouraged to apply. In addition, based on the faculty research proposals submitted, the Advisory Committee will make two faculty mentor suggestions for each successful student applicant. Mentors will be contacted with student application materials for confirmation of willingness to accept student as a trainee. Students whose applications are funded will be notified as soon as possible.

Need More Information?   

Questions regarding the Cornell Veterinary Investigator Program should be directed to Alyssa Lopez ( 607.253.3276

2019 Veterinary Investigators Program Participants
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