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About the Biobank

The Cornell Veterinary Biobank collects, processes and stores blood and tissue samples from multiple animal species, benefiting from a close relationship between the College’s hospital and with strategic partnerships. We are a non-profit recognized core resource for researchers around the world, providing access to high quality samples associated with accurate clinical data.

Samples are collected by Cornell’s clinicians and collaborating veterinarians outside the College, with owners' permission and non-disclosure agreements, that allow the retrieval of relevant information from the animal’s medical record. The collection process is registered in a database, which ensures proper organization and quality of our biospecimens. Researchers can then request withdrawal of the archived samples and data that can be helpful for their studies of a particular disease or trait.

Mission and Vision

The Biobank’s mission is to serve the research community by helping accelerate biomedical research as an accredited resource for standardized biospecimen collection and archiving. Our goal is to improve animal and human health, by promoting translational research (bench to bedside) that will ultimately result in precision medicine advancements with more effective, better targeted, and less toxic therapies.


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