Graduate Student Wellbeing

On the left, a circle of six graduate students seated in green grass; on the right, a female student explains a poster at CVM

Our wellbeing pages will be under construction through summer 2021. Thank you for your understanding.

Students in our Biomedical and Biological Sciences, Master of Professional Studies and Master of Public Health Programs are a key part of life at CVM.

The Biomedical and Biological Sciences Program has created a custom, comprehensive webpage with wellbeing resources for their students. Cornell Health has also created a page of resources specifically for graduate and professional students here. We know you have unique stressors and encourage you to explore the additional resources available below.

Please also see our list of recordings and upcoming events, and let the CVM Wellbeing Committee know if you have suggestions or questions at

Learn more about the seven dimensions of wellbeing via Cornell's Human Resources.

Additional resources for graduate students to explore on the seven dimensions of wellbeing

Mental wellbeing

Cornell and CVM Resources

Counseling, life coaching and support

Meditation and relaxation


External Resources

Relationship wellbeing

Physical wellbeing

Cultural wellbeing

Environmental wellbeing

Cornell and CVM Resources

External Resources

Occupational wellbeing

Financial wellbeing

Student loan debt can be an overwhelming stressor. Taking time to keep up with your financial responsibilities will help you to avoid the anxiety and fear that comes with the unknown. Focusing on your financial wellbeing now is an investment toward achieving your future goals.

Cornell and CVM Resources

External Resources