Mental Health & Wellbeing

Mission statement: The health and mental wellbeing of our students is a top priority of the BBS program. We recognize that stresses unique to the responsibilities of performing PhD-level research contribute to creating mental health challenges that are new or overwhelming. In the BBS community, we seek to dismantle the stigma associated with these commonly-encountered experiences. Our goal is to provide resources to encourage students to reach out and access a variety of available mental health support systems, without fear that it will be negatively viewed or impede their progress. The PhD journey is a marathon, and we believe that actively caring for students’ mental wellbeing is vital to ensure that they flourish as scientists.

CVM Mental Wellbeing Resource website

Cornell Mental Health resources: BBS graduate students have access to a variety of professional mental health resources through Cornell Health. These include group counseling, individual counseling appointments, drop-in consultations, and skills-based workshops. The links below provide more details on each of these options: 

Let’s Talk - Drop-in consultations with a CAPS counselor

Individual Counseling - individualized mental health support

Group Counseling - Addressing issues common among students

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