Constitution & Bylaws

Veterinary Medicine Alumni Association


Article I – Name

The Association shall be known as the "Alumni Association of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University.”

Article II – Objective

The objective of this Association shall be to promote the interests of the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine and its alumni. It will aid in the preparation and development of veterinary students as well as the continued development of veterinary alumni. The Association shall be operated exclusively for the educational and/or charitable purposes that advance the interests of the College of Veterinary Medicine as determined by the Alumni Association Executive Board.

Article III – Members

Each graduate upon receipt of DVM degree shall become a member in good standing and all current members of the faculty of the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine are members of this Association.

Article IV – Officers and Executive Board

The officers of this Association shall consist of a president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. These officers shall be elected by a majority vote of the members present at the annual meeting of the Association. The president and vice-president shall hold office for two calendar years from the date of election to office or until their successors are elected. The secretary and treasurer will hold office for 2 calendar years (terms) and may be renewed 4 times for up to 10 years or until their successors are elected. When possible, the president and vice-president election shall be on alternating years from the secretary and treasurer to ensure continuity. In the case of premature departure of an executive board officer, an immediate replacement will be selected as soon as reasonably convenient by the Executive Board and he/she will hold office until the next general election.

There shall be an Executive Board composed of the immediate past president, president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and not less than four members elected in the same manner as the officers of the Association. Only officers may serve on the Executive Board for more than four consecutive years. In no case shall any member of the Executive Board serve for a period more than ten consecutive years. In the event that a member reaches his/her term limit, he/she may not be re-elected to the board until a minimum period of two years has passed.

In the event that an Executive Board member misses three consecutive meetings (including conference calls), he/she may be removed from the Board by a majority vote of the remaining members unless special circumstances can be demonstrated.

Committees shall be formed by the Executive Board as required to meet special needs. All decisions or recommendations made by these committees will need to be approved by a majority (2/3 of a quorum) to be implemented.

Article V – Amendments

Proposed amendment(s) to the constitution shall be submitted to the membership of the board by the secretary at least 45 days prior to the next annual meeting. The amendment(s) may be adopted by a majority vote of the members present. Voting by proxy or ballot shall be permitted in writing.


Article I – Duties of Officers


The president shall preside at all meetings and perform all duties incumbent upon that office.


The Vice-President, in the absence of the president, shall assume the duties of that office.


With the aid of the Office of Alumni Affairs and Development, the secretary shall have available an up-to-date list of all members with their contact information, keep a record of minutes of all official meetings, have charge of correspondence, and give due notice of any meeting of the Association.


With the aid of the Office of Alumni Affairs and Development, the treasurer shall have charge of all monies, pay bills as approved, and create an annual statement and financial report to be submitted to the membership for review. The treasurer shall also submit a proposed budget at the beginning of each fiscal year to be approved by the Executive Board.

Executive Board

The Executive Board shall have general supervision of the Association and act as an advisory board. In the absence of the president and the vice-president, the Executive Board shall appoint a presiding officer from one of its members.

Article II – Meetings

The annual meeting shall be held in Ithaca on a date to be determined by the Executive Board.  Non-board members may attend executive board meetings as non-voting participants with prior notification given to the board.

Article III – Dues

No dues shall be assessed for membership.  

Article IV – Amendments

Proposed amendment(s) shall be submitted to the membership by the secretary at least 60 days prior to the next annual meeting at which the amendment(s) may be adopted only by a majority vote.