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Student Alumni Veterinary Experience

The Alumni Association Executive Board (AAEB) is guided by the mission to promote the interests of the veterinary college and its alumni. As well, the Alumni Association “will aid in the preparation and development of veterinary students”. With these goals in mind, the Board recognizes a strong need to help students from all four years connect with CVM alumni mentors in a real world setting while also receiving hands-on experience, in a variety of programs (clinical and nonclinical).   

As the veterinary profession continues to change and adapt to new practice and financial models, the AAEB has taken the initiative to transition its original Alumni Association Clinical Experience program into a more relevant Student-Alumni Veterinary Experience (SAVE). The goals of the SAVE program still remain the same---mentorship with a CVM alum and a memorable veterinary experience. The SAVE program also offers the student the opportunity to experience corporate v. noncorporate practice, the potential of practice ownership, and the diverse paths which our profession offers. 

Programs employing or owned by dedicated CVM alumni are encouraged to enroll their facilities as an available experience for students through the CVM’s internal externship database. Students will be able to see which programs bear a Cornell Alumni tag and will then be directed to a Cornell alum who has enrolled and wishes to reach out for both pre- and post-graduation opportunities.   

Student-Alumni Veterinary Experiences may be pursued by students in any class year and may be as long or as short as desired. Neither the student nor the alum is required to evaluate the experience and the College does not need notification when the student participates. Completion of the SAVE Enrollment form is required for inclusion into the externship database. 

Complete SAVE Enrollment Form Now

(Download the editable PDF form, complete all fields within the form, and
save as a different file name. Attach that file to your email submission.)

Suggested Guidelines for the Participating Veterinarian 

  • Ensure that you will be available to the student most, if not all, days during the experience
  • When possible, allow ample hands-on opportunities
  • Seek to compare notes with the student in an effort to make the experience both educational and challenging
  • Set aside time to answer questions and engage in discussions that pertain to our profession (challenges and rewards, your valuable insight and learning experiences, etc.)
  • Consider scheduling some time away from the experience to socialize and familiarize yourself with the student


Office of Alumni Affairs and Development
P: 607-253-3620