Submission FAQs

Do I need an AHDC account to submit samples for coagulation testing?

A new account will be generated upon first receipt of samples from veterinary clinics, referral, and research laboratories. Owners should work with their veterinarian for coagulation sampling and submissions. 

Who do I contact for billing questions?

Check billing and fee policies. For specific questions call the Billing department at (607) 253-3951.

How do I receive results?

Reports are emailed as PDFs or faxed to your account as soon as results are finalized. You can also check on-line to confirm sample receipt and view results.  Use the account portal to manage your preferences for receiving results.

What sample is required for coagulation testing?

Separated citrate plasma (plasma from a blue top tube) is required for all coagulation screening tests, factor assays, Von Willebrand assays, protein C and antithrombin assays and heparin monitoring.

Refer to the (detailed sampling instructions.

What sample is required for canine or feline blood typing?

EDTA whole blood (at least 1.5 mL) is required for blood typing.

What is the turnaround time for coagulation testing?

Most clinical assays are performed daily and results reported within 24 hours of sample receipt. The turnaround time for Von Willebrand assays is 48 hours.

Is fasting required for Protein C assays?

No, animals do not have to be fasted. More information on Protein C assays.