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Cold Weather Shipping

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Samples transported over the colder months risk freezing if they are not packed and shipped properly. Even 10% neutral buffered formalin will freeze in harsh winter weather.

To prevent samples from freezing, even in insulated containers, add room temperature (unchilled) cold packs to increase the ambient mass. This will reduce the temperature decline during transit, however is not a guarantee against freezing if extended cold exposure occurs. For critical samples that cannot be exposed to extreme cold, consider delaying the shipment or find alternative means to deliver the specimens to the laboratory.

When sending swabs in aerobic transport media, serum and other specimens that should be refrigerated, ensure a cold freezer pack is placed in the same compartment. If breakable items are packaged with hard frozen packs, padding or dividers must be placed between the freezer pack(s) and the breakable items.

Thermal bubble pouches and small thermal mailers are available from our shipping department.