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Modules & Documents


4-H Livestock Educator's Notebook

Livestock Judging Tours

Title File
Considerations for Livestock Judging Tours judgingtour5-7-01.pdf

Fairs and Exhibitions

Title File
Animal Health Considerations Before During and After the Fair
Any Animal Fair Biosecurity Sign Genericfairsign.pdf
BVD Testing Options for Cattle
Cattle Fair Biosecurity Sign CattleFairSign.pdf
Equine Health Considerations Before, During and After the Fair EquineConsiderationsforFairs2013.doc
Horse Biosecurity Brochure HorseBiosecurityGuidelinesFinal030113.pdf
NYS Dept. of Agriculture and Markets - Foot and Mouth Disease Special Notice NYSDAMFMD.pdf
Official Identification Explanation 2013Official_eartags_criteria.pdf
Public Health Information for Petting Zoos and Animal Exhibitions publicinfo6-12-01.pdf

General Biosecurity Fact Sheets and Signs

Title File
Avoiding Milk and Meat Residues drug-residues.pdf
Best Management Practices for Farm Visitors BMPFarmVisitors8-16.pdf
Best Management Practices for the Prevention of Entry of Disease onto Livestock Operations
Generic Farm Biosecurity Sign Genericfarmsign.pdf
Horse Biosecurity Info HorseBiosecurityGuidelinesFinal030113.pdf
Preventing Injection Site Lesions in Beef Cows beefinjectionsite.pdf
Preventing Injection Site Lesions in Dairy Cows dairyinjectionsite.pdf
Procedures to Prevent the Spread of FMD for International Visitors BMPInternationalTravelers2013.doc
Salmonella Dublin Critical Control Points
Vaccination Strategies to Maximize Health and Minimize Adverse Effects on Market Quality vacc_facts111.pdf


Title File
The Use of Disinfectants in a Biosecurity Program Disinfectantsv2_01.pdf

Cattle Infectious Diseases Fact Sheets

Title File
Bovine Leukosis Virus
Bovine Viral Diarrhea - Background and Best Management Practices
Contagious Mastitis - Mycoplasma
Contagious Mastitis - Staph aureus
Contagious Mastitis - Strep ag
Cow Bedding Summary
Johne's Disease in Cattle - Background and Best Management Practices JohnesTrifold.pdf
Mastitis - Background and Best Management Practices MastitisBackgroundandBestManagementPractices.doc
Salmonella Dublin Fact Sheet
Salmonellosis - Background and Best Management Practices

USDA-APHIS Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) (USDA)

USDA-APHIS Foot and Mouth Disease (USDA)

Equine Infectious Diseases Fact Sheets

Title File
Equine Herpes Virus (EHV) EquineHerpesvirusFinal030513.pdf
Equine Influenza equine-influenza.pdf
Equine Salmonella EquineSalmonellosis2013.pdf
Equine Tetanus EquineTetanus2013.pdf
Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA) equine_eva.pdf
Lyme Disease EquineLymeDisease2013.pdf
Potomac Horse Fever EquinePotomacHorseFever2013.pdf

Other Livestock Infectious Disease Fact Sheets

Title File
Avian Influenza AvianInfluenza.doc
Poultry - Avian Influenza (USDA)

Market Cow and Beef Quality

Bovine Leukosis Virus


Fact Sheets

Title File
BVD Control Procedures
BVD Tests bvdtestnyschap07.pdf
Introduction to Bovine Viral Diarrhea BVDIntroduction_02-06.pdf
NYSCHAP Bovine Viral Diarrhea Module


Title File
NYSCHAP BVD Risk Assessment bvdrisk.pdf

Calf Health


Title File
Calf Health Introduction

Risk Assessment Forms

Title File
Base Risk Assessment Worksheet Baseassessmentworksheet.pdf
Enteritis Risk Assessment Worksheet Enteritisworksheet.pdf
Respiratory Risk Assessment Worksheet Respiratoryworksheet.pdf


Title File
Calving Assistance Guidelines and Calf Resuscitation
Colostrum Collection and Handling, Usage of Refractometer
Testing for Passive Transfer of Immunity
Appendix C2 AppendixC2_TemperatureCorrectionColostrometerValues.xls
Cleaning Equipment
Housing, Bedding and Fly Control
Improving Calf Barn Ventilation With a Bit of Fresh Air
Liquid Feed Management and Water Information
Appendix F1 AppendixF1_PasteurizerCostSpreadsheet.xls
Appendix G AppendixG_MilkReplacerManagement.pdf
Milk Replacer Costs and Your Options (PennState Extension)
Management of Whole Milk, Waste Milk, Pasteurized Milk, Acidified Milk and Combinations
Appendix H1 AppendixH1_Free-ChoiceFeedingCalvesOct14_05.pdf

Managing a Pasteurizer System for Feeding Milk to Calves (Bovine Alliance on Management & Nutrition)

Appendix H3 AppendixH3_MilksolidsCalculatorWasteMilkPSU.xls
University of Wisconsin-Madison Calf Health Scoring Chart

Cattle Welfare

Module Overview & Forms

F.A.R.M. v4.0 Information

AABP Information

American Association of Bovine Practitioners 


Food Safety and Drug Residue Avoidance

Foot Health

Basic Information

Foot Health Forms

Title File
Cow Comfort Assessment Tool - For use with the Dairy Herd Lameness Evaluation Form
Dairy Herd Lameness Evaluation Form 08NYSCHAPLamenessRiskAssessmentChart12-11.pdf
Hock Assessment Chart for Cattle HockScoringChart-NYSCHAP-4-04.pdf
Locomotion Scoring Recording Sheet locomotionscoringrecordingsheet.pdf
Use of Locomotion Scoring as a Management Tool


Johne's Disease

Johne's Program for Cattle - Description

Title File
Handbook for Veterinarians and Beef Producers Handbook_Vets_and_Beef_Producers.pdf
Handbook for Veterinarians and Dairy Producers Handbook_Vets_and_Dairy_Producers.pdf
Highlights of Designing a Johne's Herd Prevention Plan
NYSCHAP Johne's Disease Module Summary/Diagram NYJDflowchart.pdf
NYSCHAP Johne's Disease Risk Assessment Form Risk_Assessment_tabular_form.pdf

Johne's Herd Testing in Cattle - Reference Materials

Title File
Johne's Test Strategy Table TeststrategyTable2013.pdf
Basic Procedures for Johne's Testing
Diagnostic Lab Johne's Testing Enrollment Checklist DLEnrollmentChecklist2013.pdf
Environmental Testing Strategies for Johne's Disease EnvironmentalTestingforJohnesDisease.pdf
Issues in Choosing and Using Johne's Tests and Testing Strategies NYSCHAPTESTSTRATEGIES2013.pdf
Johne's Direct Fecal PCR Test DL943-FactSheet-JohnesDirectFecalPCR.pdf
Johne's Pooled Fecal Culture Testing DL1090-JohnesPooledFecalCultureTesting_4_2013.pdf
Johne's Testing Contact Information ContactInfo2013.pdf

Materials Targeted for Producers and Industry

Title File
Johne's Disease Dairy Cattle Checklist - Spanish Version JohnesChecklist_Spanish.pdf
Johne's Disease Dairy Cattle Checklist JohnesChecklist.pdf
Johne's Disease in Cattle - NYSCHAP Brochure JohnesTrifold.pdf
Johne's Disease in Other Ruminants JohnesInOtherRuminants.pdf
Johne's Disease Reference and Web Sites JohnesResources.pdf

Information for the Veterinarian

Title File
Clinical Description and Epidemiology of Johne's Disease in Cattle
Concepts for Interpretation of Johne's Disease Diagnostic Tests 04_JohnesArticle.pdf
Critical Management Points for Prevention and Control of Johnes Disease in Beef Cattle 03_JohnesArticle.pdf
Critical Management Points for Prevention and Control of Johnes Disease in Dairy Cattle 02_JohnesArticle.pdf
Johne's Disease Diagnostic Tests - Fecal Culture 06_JohnesArticle.pdf
Johne's Disease Diagnostic Tests - The ELISA 05_JohnesArticle.pdf
Testing - Choosing the Right Test for the Right Purpose 07_JohnesArticle.pdf

Resource Materials for Designing Johne's Disease Farm Plans

Title File
Choosing the Right Test for the Right Purpose Workbooktestchoices.pdf
Data Worksheets for Manual for Veterinarians Workbookshortdriskassessmentdatasheet.pdf
Designing Johne's Prevention and Control Programs for Dairy Cattle - Key Concepts JohnesHICPs.pdf

New York Johne's Herd Classification Program (JHCP)

Title File
JHCP Additional Risk Assessment Form JHCPAddlRiskAssess10.pdf
JHCP Annual Review Form JHCPAnnualReview10.pdf

Other Johne's Disease References

Title File
Stabel, JR. Symposium: Biosecurity and Disease. Johne's Disease: A Hidden Threat. J Dairy Sci, 81:283-288, 1998. stabel_biosecurity.pdf
Stabel, JR. Symposium: Health and Safety on the Dairy Farm. Johne's Disease and Milk: Do Consumers Need to Worry. J Dairy Sci, 83:1659-1663, 2000. stabel_milk.pdf

Mastitis Milk Quality


Fact Sheets

Title File
Bovine Herd Salmonellosis BovineHerdSalmonellosis.pdf
Control of Salmonella Dublin in Dairy Herds Control_SalmonellaDublin_dairyherds.pdf
Introduction to the NYSCHAP Salmonella Module
Multi-drug Resistant Salmonella dublin in Cattle
NYSCHAP Salmonellosis Module
Outbreak Investigation and Monitoring by Diagnostic methods
Recommendations for Control in Dairy Calf and Heifer Raising Operations
Salmonellosis Critical Control Points
Usefulness of Vaccination and Vaccines for Control of Salmonellosis


Title File
NYS Modified Risk Scores
NYSCHAP Salmonella Risk Assessment SalmonellaRiskAssessment.pdf
Salmonella Outbreak Epidemiology Questionnaire OutbreakRiskAssessment.pdf

Small Ruminant (NYSSGHAP)


Title File
Basic Biosecurity for Sheep and Goat Operations
Best Management Practices for Pasture Parasite Management
Goat Breeds GoatBreeds.pdf
Sheep Breeds SheepBreeds.pdf
Common Diseases and Health Problems in Sheep and Goats, Purdue Extension Article
Common Areas of Concern in Goat Herds GoatHerdConcerns.pdf

2009 and 2011 National Animal Health Monitoring Survey (NAHMS)


Title File
NYSSGHAP Johne’s Risk Assessment NYSSGHAP_JohnesRiskAssessment.pdf
NYSSGHAP Parasite Management Risk Assessment NYSSGHAP_Parasite_Management_Risk_Assessment.pdf
Ontario Flock Biosecurity Assessment
Ontario Flock Health Summary Report
Ontario Flock Productivity Data Entry Form

Common Diseases and Fact Sheets

Scrapie Program


Fact Sheets

Title File
Animal Health Considerations
Basic Nutrition Assessment for Dairy Farms basicnutritionassessment.pdf
ESMQC Quality Milk Brochure producerbrochure.pdf
Farm Biosecurity self-assessment.pdf
Foot and Mouth Disease
Livestock Judging Tours judgingtour5-7-01.pdf
Multi-drug Resistant Salmonella dublin in Cattle
Petting Zoos and Animal Exhibition publicinfo.pdf
Practices for Farm Visitors BMPFarmVisitors8-16.pdf
Practices for Prevention of Disease
Transition Cow Benchmarks
Transition Cow Questionnaire TransitionCowQuestionnaire.pdf
Transition Cow Resource List