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Modules & Documents



4-H Livestock Educator's Notebook

Fairs and Exhibitions

Title File
Animal Health Considerations Before During and After the Fair
Any Animal Fair Biosecurity Sign Genericfairsign.pdf
BVD Testing Options for Cattle
Cattle Fair Biosecurity Sign CattleFairSign.pdf
Equine Health Considerations Before, During and After the Fair EquineConsiderationsforFairs2013.doc
Horse Biosecurity Brochure HorseBiosecurityGuidelinesFinal030113.pdf
NYS Dept. of Agriculture and Markets - Foot and Mouth Disease Special Notice NYSDAMFMD.pdf
Official Identification Explanation 2013Official_eartags_criteria.pdf

General Biosecurity Fact Sheets and Signs

Title File
Avoiding Milk and Meat Residues drug-residues.pdf
Best Management Practices for Farm Visitors BMPFarmVisitors8-16.pdf
Best Management Practices for the Prevention of Entry of Disease onto Livestock Operations
Horse Biosecurity Info HorseBiosecurityGuidelinesFinal030113.pdf
Preventing Injection Site Lesions in Beef Cows beefinjectionsite.pdf
Preventing Injection Site Lesions in Dairy Cows dairyinjectionsite.pdf
Procedures to Prevent the Spread of FMD for International Visitors BMPInternationalTravelers2013.doc
Salmonella Dublin Critical Control Points
Vaccination Strategies to Maximize Health and Minimize Adverse Effects on Market Quality vacc_facts111.pdf


Title File
The Use of Disinfectants in a Biosecurity Program Disinfectantsv2_01.pdf

Cattle Infectious Diseases Fact Sheets

Title File
Bovine Leukosis Virus
Bovine Viral Diarrhea - Background and Best Management Practices
Contagious Mastitis - Mycoplasma
Contagious Mastitis - Staph aureus
Contagious Mastitis - Strep ag
Cow Bedding Summary
Johne's Disease in Cattle - Background and Best Management Practices
Mastitis - Background and Best Management Practices MastitisBackgroundandBestManagementPractices.doc
Salmonella Dublin Fact Sheet
Salmonellosis - Background and Best Management Practices

USDA-APHIS Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) (USDA)

USDA-APHIS Foot and Mouth Disease (USDA)

Equine Infectious Diseases Fact Sheets

Title File
Equine Herpes Virus (EHV) EquineHerpesvirusFinal030513.pdf
Equine Influenza equine-influenza.pdf
Equine Salmonella EquineSalmonellosis2013.pdf
Equine Tetanus EquineTetanus2013.pdf
Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA) equine_eva.pdf
Lyme Disease EquineLymeDisease2013.pdf
Potomac Horse Fever EquinePotomacHorseFever2013.pdf

Other Livestock Infectious Diseases

Market Cow and Beef Quality

Bovine Leukosis Virus

Bovine Viral Diarrhea (BVD)

Calf Health


Risk Assessment Forms


Cattle Welfare

Module Overview & Forms

F.A.R.M. v4.0 Information

AABP Information

American Association of Bovine Practitioners 


Food Safety and Drug Residue Avoidance

Foot Health


Johne's Disease

Johne's Program for Cattle - Overview

Johne's Herd Testing in Cattle

Resource Materials on Johne's Disease

Other Johne's Disease References

  • Stabel, JR. Symposium: Biosecurity and Disease. Johne's Disease: A Hidden Threat. J Dairy Sci, 81:283-288, 1998.
  • Stabel, JR. Symposium: Health and Safety on the Dairy Farm. Johne's Disease and Milk: Do Consumers Need to Worry. J Dairy Sci, 83:1659-1663, 2000.

Mastitis Milk Quality


Small Ruminant (NYSSGHAP)


2009 and 2011 National Animal Health Monitoring Survey (NAHMS)


Please contact NYSCHAP coordinator for information on enrollment and farm review forms.

Common Diseases and Fact Sheets

Scrapie Program