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Super Milk Program

The "Super" Milk Program was started in 1990 by the Empire State Milk Quality Council (ESMQC) to recognize those dairy farmers who go above and beyond the high quality standards maintained in New York herds.To become a "Super" Milk award recipient, producers must meet certain criteria. These include a bulk tank somatic cell count of 250,000 or less in at least ten out of twelve official monthly samples. Milk inspectors must nominate producers by March 1st. To obtain these criteria producers follow recommended milking procedures, have well maintained and sanitary equipment and keep their cows clean and dry.

The "Super" Milk program continues to receive wide recognition from the industry and is important to dairy producers. Collaborations are ongoing with other groups on the Cornell campus and throughout the SUNY system.

For the 2004 calendar year, 1144 farms received the "Super" Milk Award. Forty six farms qualified for the "Super" Milk Award every year for the fifteen years the program has been in existence. Fifteen-year winners received plaques with the farm name and were honored at the Empire Farm Days.

QMPS works in partnership with The Empire State Milk Quality Council, which is made up of volunteers from all sectors of the dairy industry. Members work to promote the improved quality of dairy products through education and recognition programs. The "Super" Milk program is made possible by contributions from the dairy industry.