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Tests & Fees

Search for tests, view fees, and place orders.

Forms & Submission Guidance

Download forms and view guidelines for submissions.

Veterinary Support Services

Veterinary Support Services (VSS) provides diagnostic consultation and answers sample submission questions from veterinarians. Use this direct email with a brief problem description and a phone number to reach you.

Diagnostic Plans & Panels by Species

Our diagnostic plans have been developed to assist the veterinarian in designing a complete, although not exhaustive, diagnostic strategy.

Avian Health Program and Tests

The Avian Health Program offers diagnostic testing, consultation and extension services for commercial and backyard poultry producers.

Wildlife Health Laboratory and Tests

The CWHL has expertise in wildlife medicine, disease ecology, pathology, and is available to support clients interested in wildlife diagnostic testing and surveillance.

Testing Protocols & Interpretations

View protocols, sampling instructions, and result interpretations for our diagnostic tests.

How To Send Specimens

See submission and shipping requirements and instructions.


The AHDC Shipping department maintains an assortment of supplies for your specimen needs.

Billing Information

View billing and payment information for regular testing as well as NYS Contract subsidized testing.

STAT Testing

Our STAT Testing Policy is designed to improve efficiency of STAT testing and assure prompt results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read additional information regarding operations, medical records, billing, and payments.