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Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Records Questions

Billing Questions

Medical Records Answers

Are you open on Saturdays?

Yes, Medical Records is open from 9:00am to 12pm on Saturdays.

What is the address for sending samples?

If samples are being sent thru either FedEx of UPS: Animal Health Diagnostic Center, 240 Farrier Rd, Ithaca, NY 14853. If samples are being sent thru the Postal Services: Animal Health Diagnostic Center, PO Box 5786, Ithaca, NY 14852.

Where are you located?

We are located on the Cornell University campus in Ithaca, NY, next to the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Are results available on line?

Yes, password protected results are available by logging in to the account portal.

Where can I find a general submission form?

The submission form is available here.

Where can I find a Histopathology submission form?

The Histopathology form is available here.

Do I need an account number before a sample is submitted?

No, an account will be created for the veterinary practice from the information on the submission form. Be sure to include all information asked for. It is helpful to include the submitting veterinarian’s license number on the initial submission form. Please note that results are available by choosing one of the following methods: Fax, Mail or E-mail.

How long does it take to receive results?

Testing information, including turnaround time, can be found under Tests & Fees.

Where can I find a copy of your Quality Assurance letter?

Please contact the AHDC Quality Assurance Manager when requesting a QA Letter to meet your inspections and accreditation requirements.

As an animal owner, can I submit samples?

No. Samples MUST be submitted through a licensed veterinarian. Animal owners may not submit samples directly to the AHDC except in rare cases which require prior approval and arrangements made with the AHDC.

A submission was sent with incorrect information, can this be corrected?

Yes, submit a written request with the correct information to Medical Records via fax (607-253-3943) or email ( The information will be corrected and an amended report will be sent back to the submitting practice. Please note that this procedure does not apply to Coggins testing.

If I call medical records, can you give me preliminary results on a case?

Medical Records does not have access to any preliminary test results that have not been finalized in our laboratory computer system. If you need preliminary results that may be clinically significant, you will need to talk directly to the testing lab section performing the test in question. We will either transfer your call or take your contact information to have the first available staff member return a call to you.

What should I do if I have lost a test result?

Please call us with you account number, the name of the animal, the name of the owner, the approximate date that the testing was done, and the name of the requested test(s), and we will help you get a duplicate copy.

What should I do if I have not received a result when I expect one?

Please call us immediately if you think a test result is overdue. We may need the account number, the name of the animal, the name of the owner, the approximate date that the sample was submitted, and the name of the requested test(s). We will verify receipt of sample(s) and check on the status of your testing.

Billing Answers

What is the Billing Department's contact information and hours?

Billing is open from 8am-5pm. Please have your account number ready.

Phone: 607-253-3951
Toll free: 1-866-930-2432

What address do I remit payment to?

Animal Health Diagnostic Center
PO Box 6491
Ithaca, NY 14851-6491

Please note - This address is to be used ONLY for remitting payments. DO NOT submit samples to this address or there will be a delay in testing.

Do you have an automated payment system?

Yes, the AHDC offers our clients the convenience of enrolling in the Monthly Auto-Payment Plan. With this arrangement, the balance due each month is automatically charged to the credit card, providing you with additional flexibility in managing your accounts payable. To enroll, please provide Billing Services with a credit card number for charging your monthly account balance.

Can I view and pay my account online?

NOTE: If you are not yet an AHDC client, you will be issued an account upon your first test submission. Once you have received your account number you can sign up for access by registering for the AHDC Portal.

Account information and test results can be viewed through the My Account portal on our web site. Invoices are generated at the end of the month for cases that have finalized. After access has been granted, you should be able to see your most recent invoice in approximately 24 hours.

If you are an existing AHDC client that does not currently use the My Account portal, you will need to sign up. During the sign up process, you can select the option to "View Invoices/Make Payments." Portal access can be requested by registering for an account.

If you are an existing AHDC client that already views results and account information through the My Account portal, and would also like the ability to view and pay your account online, please contact or by phone at 607-253-3900 to add this feature to your account.

I have sent in payment, but I do not see it credited on my bill. Did you receive it?

The AHDC computer system generates an invoice on the 1st of each month. A payment may not show on the current invoice due to the timing of receiving and posting payments. Please contact the billing department at 607-253-3951 to see if a payment has been received.

I received an invoice with no detail information and a new number. What is this?

This is a duplicate invoice from the previous month. The AHDC computer system generates a new invoice number each month regardless of whether or not payment has been received. Please contact the billing department to obtain a copy of a previous month’s invoice, which will detail the testing and/or supplies ordered.

I don’t understand the balance due vs current charges columns on the invoice.

The "balance due" column on your invoice is the total amount due on your account. This may include past invoice charges that have not been paid. The "current charges" column is only the charges from testing that was finalized in the previous month.

Why do I have a $6.00 accession fee?

A $6.00 Accession Fee will be added to each accession, regardless of the number of animals or number of tests included on the submission. There will be a few areas exempted from the fee, notably accessions submitted for Referral Testing only and Regulatory only submissions; however, mixed submissions would still receive an Accession Fee. If you have questions about a particular submission, please don't hesitate to call us anytime at 607-253-3900.

What testing is covered under the NYS contract?

The Animal Health Diagnostic Center, under contract with the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, does not charge for most diagnostic tests performed on New York food and fiber-producing animals. It does, however, charge a nominal case fee to cover processing for each accession that qualifies for subsidized testing under the NYS contract.

Can I email you my credit card information?

No. Due to the PCI Compliance Policy of the AHDC, we cannot accept credit card payments through email. This security measure is mandated by all credit card companies to maintain the safety and integrity of your credit card information. If a number is received, we will delete the email and notify the client. This policy is strictly adhered too. If you have further questions, please contact Billing Services at 607-253-3951.

How can I update my billing information?

To make changes, please call either 607-253-3900 or 607-253-3951.