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Camuti Consultation Service

Have a specific question about the health and/or care of your cat? Why not take advantage of our Camuti Consultation Service? This unique fee-based service puts you in contact with one of our outstanding veterinary consultants, who will discuss your cat’s condition and/or care with you.

The quality, accuracy, and efficiency of our services are reliant upon the information that our consultants receive prior to contacting you.

  • Our hours of operation are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10am - 12pm and 2pm - 4pm EST
  • Please contact our intake associate at (800-548-8937 or to supply the necessary information (medical history, pertinent lab data, images) to a consultant in preparation for a return call
  • A consultant will contact you within 48 hours of your call
  • If a consultant is unable to reach you after attempting to do so three times over a period of 48 hours, your case will be transferred to inactive status; please contact us at your earliest convenience to reactivate your consultation 
  • We ask that you do not contact us regarding the status of your consultation unless 48 hours have lapsed since initial contact or reactivation

Feline Health Center members receive a 20% discount on general consultations along with other benefits of being an FHC member. See our membership page to apply and receive a discount on your general consultation. Payments can be made by American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa.

  • General Consultations
    FHC Member - $44
    Non-Member - $55
  • Cardiology Consultations - $75
  • Oncology (Cancer) Consultations - $75 
  • Behavior Consultations - $115
    A Feline Behavioral History Form must be completed and emailed to

One follow-up consultation may be requested for a period of four weeks following your initial consult without additional fees, provided that it is in reference to the health issue originally addressed in the individual cat/group of cats that was/were discussed during the initial consult. Any consults subsequent to your initial consult that occur more than four weeks after the initial consult will incur a new consultation fee.