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Purrfect Weight App

Purrfect Weight

Purrfect Weight is a unique iOS app that allows cat owners to generate and track the progress of a feeding plan designed to safely promote weight loss in overweight cats. 

Purrfect Weight is currently available for download on your iOS mobile device in the App Store

Obesity is recognized as a serious health concern among Americans today, putting more and more of us at risk for chronic illnesses and earlier mortality. Unfortunately, the unhealthy eating habits of many Americans often extend to their pets as well.

A Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine follow-up to a 2,000-plus cat feline obesity study showed several serious effects:

  1. Overweight cats, including those considered "heavy" and "obese," are four-and-a-half times more likely to develop diabetes mellitus, compared to optimal weight cats.
  2. Obese cats are seven times more likely to require veterinary care for lameness, caused by joint diseases such as arthritis or muscle injuries, compared to optimal weight cats. Heavy cats are three times more likely to suffer lameness.
  3. Obese cats are three times more likely to be presented to veterinarians for non-allergic skin conditions, probably because the cats cannot reach all parts of their bodies to groom themselves properly.
  4. Obese cats are twice as likely to die in middle age, which for cats is six to 12 years.

Obesity in cats is definitely a growing problem. That is why the Purrfect Weight was created. Learn more about feline obesity. 

Please review the FAQs provided below as the first step in addressing any problems that you may be experiencing with Purrfect Weight. If the answers to the FAQs provided do not address your problem, please contact our technical support team for more in depth assistance.

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