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Cornell Feline Health Center

Supporting Cat Health with Information and Health Studies.

Client Information Brochures

Introducing our newest brochures: 

The Cornell Feline Health Center produces informative pamphlets that provide concise summaries of a variety of feline health issues, including medical conditions, behavioral issues, and general husbandry topics such as preparation of the home for a new kitten. Brochures are available to purchase for a small fee which covers production of the resources, and are available to Feline Health Center members at a discount. See our full list of our client information brochure topics

As always, Cornell Feline Health Center Professional-level members enjoy a 25% discount on brochures, so consider joining today to make the most of what the Cornell Feline Health Center has to offer. Our FIP brochure will be available in the near future following updates.  

We also offer Spanish translated feline health brochures for you and your clients' needs.