Committee on Research and Graduate Education

The Department of Clinical Sciences (DCS) Committee on Research and Graduate Education is represented by volunteers from DCS and other college faculty and staff in an effort to facilitate clinical research within the department.  Faculty members serve two year terms that may be self-renewing.  The most recent term began April, 2022.

Committee Goals

  • Develop a cohesive and steadfast strategic plan to advance animal health and the profession;
  • Provide an infrastructure to support faculty efforts to conduct clinical investigations and research;
  • Foster the physical capacity required to fulfill the objectives of the strategic plan;
  • Promote clinical investigations within the Department of Clinical Sciences;
  • Promote communication to foster collaborations across departments, the University, and the world;
  • Identify clinical and research funding opportunities for successful submissions and awards;
  • Promote early stage veterinarians seeking career opportunities in clinical investigations and research;
  • Disseminate accomplishments and advances in animal health to the public domain.

Committee Chair

Rob Goggs, Associate Professor, Section of Emergency and Critical Care

Committee Members

Parminder Basran, Associate Research Professor, Section of Medical Oncology

Mike Byron, Innovation Lab Manager, Department of Clinical Sciences

Erin Daugherity, Director of the Center for Animal Resources and Education, Attending Veterinarian

Douglas Fink, Material & Safety Coordinator, Department of Clinical Sciences

Carol Frederick, Clinical Trials Coordinator, Cornell University Hospital for Animals

Stephanie Hon, Assistant Professor, Section of Anesthesiology and Pain Management

Weihow Hsue, Assistant Professor, Section of Cardiology

Theresa Lagasse, Finance Specialist, Department of Clinical Sciences

Carol Merkur, Director of Business Operations, Department of Clinical Sciences

Christie Sayre, Research Administration Coordinator, Department of Clinical Sciences

Tracy Stokol, Professor of Clinical Pathology, Department of Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences

Graduate Committee Participation

Go to the following link to be added to the general committee to participate on a graduate committee for MS and PhD.

Events and Seminars

Clinical Sciences Nestle Purina Seminar Series

Clinical Sciences Resident Seminar Series

Clinical Investigators' Day