BBS PhD Program

Achievements & Accolades

Our Graduate Community is composed of really outstanding people! Here are some things they have been doing lately:

Recent Fellowship & Award Recipients (2022-2023) 

  • Jessica Noll - Cornell Atkinson’s Graduate Research Grant 2023
  • Eric Teplitz - Cornell Atkinson’s Graduate Research Grant 2023
  • James Cockey - Liz Hanson Graduate Fellowship 2022
  • Jonathan Villanueva- Provost Diversity Fellowship 
  • Camille Holmes- Equine Research Grant 2022, American Quarter House Foundation Fellowship 
  • Leanne Donahue - Stem Cell Training Fellowship 2022
  • Erica Secor - Hong Kong Jockey Club Fellowship 2022
  • Annika Diaz- NSF GRFP 2022
  • Kayleigh Morrison- NSF GRFP 2022
  • Rhasaan Bovell- NSF GRFP 2022
  • Julia Zhu- NSF GRFP Honorable mention 2022
  • Hsin-Yun Chang- Ministry of Education- Taiwan Scholarship 2022
  • Haewon Byun- CVM Graduate Scholarship 2022
  • Jonathan Villanueva- CVM Graduate Scholarship 2022

Recent Graduates

December 2022

  • Furkat Muktarov PhD (Molecular and Cellular Medicine)
  • Alexis Oldfield PhD (Translational Medicine)
  • Jeff Pea PhD (Translational Medicine)
  • Julio Sanchez PhD (Molecular and Cellular Medicine)

August 2022

  • Kristina Ceres PhD (Population Medicine and Epidemiology)

  • Scarlett Lee PhD (Immunology and Infectious Disease)

  • Mason Jager PhD (Immunology and Infectious Disease)

  • Adam Francisco PhD (Molecular and Cellular Medicine)

  • Ruizhi Li PhD (Molecular and Cellular Medicine)

BBS Kudos 

Jonathan Villanueva (5th year BBS student) is a rising star!  Just in the past half-year, he received the Provost's Diversity Fellowship for Doctoral Students, published a first-author paper, and accepted an offer for a post-doctoral position at the University of Michigan.  I am so impressed with his drive, focus, and aptitude.  Jon is also a very thoughtful colleague who gives generously of his time and knowledge to others.

Dr. Praveen Sethupathy, Committee Chair

Kieran Koch-Laskowski is a top-notch BBS student (DVM/PhD). She is creative, independent, reliable, and hard-working. She is also also exceptional at science communication, and works hard at both writing and visual presentation of her work. Most recently, she gave an invited lecture for the Endoderm Club (a seminar series run out of the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center). Her talk covered her most recent work that leverages state-of-the-art genome technology to investigate how the intestine adapts to bariatric surgery at unprecedented resolution. Her findings have implications for diabetes and other gastrointestinal conditions. Her lecture was incredibly clear, engaging, and enjoyable. I am very proud of her, her efforts, her drive, and her accomplishments.

Dr. Praveen Sethupathy, Committee Chair