Combined DVM/PhD Program

Combined Degree Program

The Combined DVM/PhD Degree Program seeks to integrate the most rigorous basic scientific and clinical training so that our graduates will be at the forefront of biomedical science and the veterinary profession in academic research, medicine and teaching; government service and public health; or the biotechnology/pharmaceutical industry. 

Our program takes advantage of Cornell's uniquely interdisciplinary environment to merge clinical training at the nation's top-ranked veterinary school with the University's internationally-recognized strengths.

Application Process:

To apply to the Combined DVM-PhD Degree Program, you need to complete the VMCAS Application along with an added section that collects information about your research. This added section consists primarily of an essay describing your research experience and three letters of evaluation from research mentors or individuals who have a personal knowledge of your research activities. 

Financial Benefits:

During the PhD program, the research mentor provides stipend support and pays the graduate tuition. As a DVM student, you will receive financial support equivalent to the costs of your DVM tuition over the length of your DVM program, provided you complete both the Ph.D. and DVM degree programs.

Health insurance, through Cornell's Student Health Plan, will be provided throughout the seven years of training.

Combined (DVM/PhD) Oversight Committee: