Program Benefits

Program Benefits 

  • Program participants receive a scholarship that will enable them to spend ten weeks at Cornell during the summer. Program benefits include:
  • A minimum of $6,000 stipend (subject to U.S. income tax)
  • Subsidized In-residence housing.
  • Costs of travel and accommodation for program travel
  • Social activities
  • Professional networking. Since its inception, the Leadership program has hosted over 600 scholars. Many of these individuals now work in a variety of positions in industry and academia and can provide advice and help to new scholars.
  • A world-class research experience. Cornell University is consistently listed in the top 20 research Universities in the world.
  • Participation in Workshops and modules designed to enhance leadership skills and knowledge of opportunities for training in research and public health. 

What past participants thought… 

“Very happy memories” Christine Broster, 1999

“The program propelled me along the career path I am now pursuing” Stephen Daley, 2000

“An amazing experience” Maeva May, 2001

“A great inspiration for me” Anton Asare, 2004

“An awesome summer at Cornell” Hannah Bender, 2005

“I often think of the great time I had in Ithaca” Annemarie Voorbij, 2007

“One of the best things I ever did” Jolanda Verhoef, 2009

“The program was pivotal in my career” Zachary Chillag, 2010

“Ten wonderful weeks” Helena Wittgenstein, 2012

“An extraordinary program” Aimee Heinz, 2013