Application Information

Application instructions

Application Instructions (for on-line application)

A complete Program Application Consists of:

  • The Completed Application (submitted by applicant)
  • A copy of your resume or curriculum vitae (see below for instructions)
  • Academic Transcripts from all academic institutions attended - copies of your undergraduate and veterinary school transcripts - photocopies are acceptable, but all pages should be included
  • The Mentor/ Employer Contact Information (submitted by applicant)
  • Letters of Recommendation and Mentor Evaluations from at least two (2) recommenders able to evaluate your aptitude and motivation for undertaking research (submitted by mentor/employer)

For the letters of recommendation, you should provide e-mail addresses for individuals who you have asked to upload a confidential letter. Instructions for submission of the letters of recommendation will be provided to your referees. You should also provide each referee with one of the cover sheets below and ask them to submit it with their letter of recommendation. Please make sure to ask your referees in advance before entering their email address in the online application. It is important that references be carefully selected. The individuals writing letters in support of your application (referee) should be able to comment on your qualifications for a career in your chosen field of study. All letters should be submitted before the application deadline.

The online application will also ask you to provide other information about yourself, your education, and your research interests.

Finally, all Universities in the United States are required to collect information to ensure Equal Employment and Opportunity.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

Cornell University is an innovative Ivy League university and a great place to work. Our inclusive community of scholars, students and staff impart an uncommon sense of larger purpose and contribute creative ideas to further the university's mission of teaching, discovery and engagement. Located in Ithaca, NY, Cornell's far-flung global presence includes the medical college's campuses on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and Doha, Qatar, as well as the new CornellNYC Tech campus to be built on Roosevelt Island in the heart of New York City. Diversity and Inclusion are a part of Cornell University’s heritage. We are a recognized employer and educator valuing AA/EEO, Protected Veterans, and Individuals with Disabilities.


Both US Nationals and international students who meet the criteria specified below are eligible to participate in the Cornell Leadership Program for Veterinary Students. The program requires a full-time commitment. The busy schedule and interactive nature of the program events leaves no time for part-time employment or activities other than those connected with the program. Prospective applicants are encouraged to discuss their applications with faculty advisors or students who have participated in the program in previous years. 

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Have completed one year of the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree or its equivalent by June 1 of the program year for which they apply.
  • Be at least six months from graduation in an accredited veterinary college at the time the program begins.
  • Have a strong interest in research. The program is intended for individuals who aspire to careers in which research will be a significant element of their professional activities. It is not intended for individuals who see their future in private veterinary practice, except as a stepping stone to a career in which one can more broadly influence the profession.

Candidate Selection

The Leadership Program fellowships are competitive. We are looking for students with diverse backgrounds and life experiences. Students from different culture, and academic backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Highly motivated students who are interested in research and who want to contribute to the veterinary profession as future leaders in academic veterinary medicine and the biomedical sciences are strongly encouraged. The following criteria are used for student selection:

  • Academic record
  • Work experience
  • Research accomplishments (if relevant)
  • Personal achievements
  • Leadership potential
  • Demonstrated interest in a research career

What you will need to complete the application

You will need the following information and documents:

College/University Education

List all degrees received and expected to be received (including current veterinary training). Institution, date attended, degree, major, date received/expected, and class rank (if known) should be provided.


Submit undergraduate and veterinary school transcripts.  You will need to combine and upload the transcripts as one document - photocopies are OK.

Curriculum Vitae

In your CV/resume be sure to include:

  • Academic and Professional Honors - Specify name, purpose, sponsor and date of each award.
  • Work Experience - Include all work experience whether part-time, full-time or voluntary.
  • Publications (if applicable) - It is recognized that many prospective applicants may have had little or no research experience.  For those who have, and have published their findings, the following information is requested:
    1. Citations should list all authors Iin published sequence), the full title, journal, volume, page numbers and year of publication.
  • Personal Interests and Achievements - Describe activities or hobbies in which you have participated, any awards you have received as well as organizations in which you have had an administrative or leadership role. 


The application will be launched in November 2023