Outreach is an important aspect of our operations here at the Cornell Feline Health Center, and this engagement with the cat-loving public allows us to serve as a vital source of feline-focused information to veterinary professionals and cat lovers throughout the world.

Whether through our website that is internationally recognized for the breadth and reliability of the information it imparts, or through our unique Camuti Consultation Service through which callers can learn more about the health problems of their feline friends through consultation with Cornell veterinarians, we take our outreach operations very seriously, and are always striving to improve and expand this aspect of our mission.

An outstanding example of such improvement and expansion is our new multi-tiered membership program. Launched in March of 2022, this exciting program allows both veterinary professionals and the cat loving public to join at whichever level they choose. Members receive exclusive membership benefits that are commensurate with their membership level and that improve their cat ownership and veterinary care experiences.

Member benefits run the gamut from discounts on Camuti Service consultations and attendance at our annual Fred Scott Feline Symposium to access to exclusive educational webinars. Members can view webinars in real time as they are presented or via an exclusive archive at their leisure, facilitating an ease of usage that allows members to tailor their learning experiences to their personal schedules.

This exciting new program is just one example of how we are constantly seeking new ways to innovate and deliver what cat lovers and feline-focused veterinary professionals want and need, and we are very excited about its potential to connect us with the ever-expanding world of feline enthusiasts that we seek to serve.

Please consider joining us in our mission by becoming a member if you have not done so already, and we cannot think of a better way to honor a feline-loving friend or family member than a gift of membership in this unique new program.

Another example is our efforts to share the resources that we work to make available to the cat loving public. We work to create informational brochures that inform long-standing and new cat owners of common health issues, including medical conditions, behavioral issues, and general husbandry topics. We develop multi-media resources such as our new video discussing the latest research findings on Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), and we engage with the public in activities like our recent community screening of the new Netflix documentary,"Inside the Mind of a Cat," to educate people about the many wonderful benefits of having a feline companion in their lives.